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Hole-In-One Coverage

You may have up to 5 Grand Prize Holes. Your Total Coverage Fee includes your membership dues to AGHIOA.
Pick one of our Acer's Golf Packages or enter your wn Prize value if you prefer to give away your own prize.
Minimum yardage is 130 yards, ladies may tee off 15 yards closer than the rated hole yardage.
Event Date Hole Yards # Amateurs # Pros Prize Package Prize Value

$1,000,000 Shootout Coverage

$1,000,000 Prize is paid out $25,000 annually from a 40 year annuity.
Event Date Hole Yards # Amateurs

Putting Challenge

Typically a small number of finalists that have passed a preliminary putting contest. Minimum 50 (fifty) foot putt for finalists.
Event Date Distance in Feet # Amateurs Prize Value

Terms and Conditions Documents

Each Coverage type has a unique set of Terms and Conditions. Be sure to carefully read the document for the coverage(s) you need.
These documents will be included in any application or certificate of coverage downloads if you purchase coverage.