Acer's Golf Hole-In-One Coverage Association

Hole-In-One Insurance

Don't let a winner take you for a loss!

Acer's Golf

What's Included

  • Acer's Golf Hole-In-One Association (AGHIOA) assumes a liability to meet the cost of any hole-in-one prizes won at your tournament and this liability is insured with an A.M. Best A – rated insurance carrier. The "A" is the highest quality rating available.
  • Bonus hole-in-one coverage - 1 free bonus hole per Grand Prize Hole, worth $2,500 cash to the winner.
  • Free coverage for multiple holes in one - every hole in one wins the prize.
  • Your Grand Prize Target Holes will include a high quality full color sign for your event.
  • Three different sign choices - no sponsor info, sponsor's name, or sponsor's black & white logo ($40 fee applies).
Sample Grand Prize Hole Sign without Sponsor
Sample Grand Prize Hole Sign with Sponsor Name
Sample Grand Prize Hole Sign with Sponsor Logo